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Ringtone Replace Ringback

4.94 usd

Unique app!When you are making a call to someone, you may hear sound, that you don't like: annoying music, ads, etc.. This app makes you hear Ringtone, that YOU LIKE!*** If you have any errors, please, DON'T comment - email us using app! It's the only way we could help you! ***
-= Features =-★ Plays Your Ringtone instead someones ringback tone!★ Supports: Different Ringtones for each Contact and Group!★ Supports: Bluetooth Headset (A2DP and older standards)!★ Design: White Holo theme for all Android versions!★ Notification bar icon!★ Music stop button on call screen!
-= Permissions are needed for =-✔ Set Ringtone to Contacts and Groups.✔ Bluetooth headset.✔ Catch the moment when phone call was started, ended and answered.✔ Place music stop button.✔ Changing sound volume.
-= Modes: =-♫ One Ringtone for All Contacts♫ One for Group♫ One for Contact♫ Random file from Folder
NOTE:This app distributed on "As Is" basis.This app supports GSM only - because of the call procedure in GSM network.
Android OS limitations:Beeps and Ringback tone are not completely silenced. This limitation is because of Android OS Architecture. Android does not allow to silence call sound stream. So, maybe, you'll hear it on the background or maybe not. It depends on ringtone that you'll select.Anyway, at the moment, there is no way to automatically stop playing music when: "subscriber is busy", "not available", etc. Most likely you'll recognize such message by specific tone of narrator.
N.B. This app may help you to not listen to someones caller tunes ring back tone or hits music ringtone (or what ever you call it), but your music - sound that you like to hear while you waiting for call answer.Supported extensions: 3GP, MP4, M4A, MP3, MID, OGG, WAV, AAC, FLAC and others supported by Android OS.